Scams! learning how to avoid them while looking for online jobs is an increasing problem.

“Get Rich Quick” is an associated label and is riddled with danger, sign up to these money making scams at your peril. Yet we do sign up and spend needless sums of money trying to achieve our goals, we are seen as weak and vulnerable we make ourselves easy prey for the inventors of online job scams.

Scams, how do we fall victim to them?

Many newcomers to the world of online work start out by searching relevant Google terms such as, “work from home” or “online jobs” from these searches the results may not always lead you to finding online work that caters to your tastes as well as the achievability factor for you. It is inevitable that many of us will keep searching and signing up to many online jobs until we either find something worth exploring further or we quit altogether.

During this process and inadvertently, your email address is now available to be hit with spam. You have now opened a door to an onslaught of highly powerful and targeted spam emails, all with the intention of helping you to make money online, the only problem is most of the emails are scams. If you are inexperienced, then this is a minefield and it can be hard to stay away from these scams. The to good to be true rule should always be in the back of your mind.

Spotting A Scam

Through years of experience, trial and error I have uncovered some real howlers, on the other hand I have found some great online jobs. This article is targeted at those newcomers that wish to safely earn money and not get ripped off in the process.

What a scam

So here it is, my worst experience with an online job.

The power of the email list!

It all started with an email! I used to be swamped with hundreds of spam emails to my inbox, I was of course new to all this sort of business but I still had the common sense to delete or mark as SPAM most of the emails I received. Sometimes curiosity got the better of me and occasionally I would find myself opening one or two of the emails. These marketing Guru’s are counting on your curiosity and that is why the emails are very cleverly worded and also why you get bombarded with many repeat emails, it is a numbers game. So back to the one that got me. This almost destroyed my desire to work online for good!

I read one of these to good to be true emails and this time it caught my attention, just pop your name and email address on this form and BINGO! you have access to one of the biggest money making opportunities on the Internet.

First came the video, it went on for 45 minutes all the while the successful Internet Guru never actually told me what the opportunity was but was more interested in flashing off his home, cars and all the luxuries that he had afforded due to his money making system. He was convincing but at the back of my mind I knew he must have been an actor, the whole production was too polished, too perfect, to good to be true!! Regardless of my doubts I continued to watch the sales video until the end, I was desperate to find out the secret to his riches, he had promised many times in the video he was just about to reveal the money making system, just like dangling a carrot in front of a donkey I felt like an Ass later.

The 45 minute saga was over and up popped another splash page. “Enter Your Billing Information Here”
“Wait” the alarms were ringing in my head. This guy had explained in the video that he was giving away this system for free, actually I recalled him saying more than 20 times that this was free. Then in the last couple of minutes he blurted out that this opportunity was so hot that he must charge a small admin fee in order to set up my members area. This fee would also release the next part of the video. The part that explains the whole secret.

Why did I not listen to those alarm bells?

The human nature to be curious got the better of me, I clicked on the “Next Step” button to discover that it was only $49.99 to get in on this system. It was reasonable so I went ahead and processed a payment using my PayPal.

The next part of the sales video was similar to the first, In this segment I was shown more proof of others that had found success using this online money making program. Again I waited patiently through this part of the sales pitch. At the end of this 30 minutes I was told that my members area had been successfully created and to continue further and receive the final part of the secret, it would now cost me wait for it…$199. To be honest at this moment I’d had enough, $49.99 was acceptable but £199!! WOW!! my heart skipped a beat at the thought. I choose to be responsible and quit the screen. A window popped up on my display, lets face it we all have seen them, a second splash page that slashes the price in half. It caught me and I signed up again.

Now we are on the 3rd video, So yes the secret was finally exposed. This was supposed to be so easy even a teenager could succeed. The more this sales guy went on the more impossible the program sounded, yet again I found myself bored although I had parted with around $150 so of course I had to keep watching.

The final part to the video explained all of the tools that were required to earn the big money. As I already had parted with $150, this entitled me to start earning, the pitch went something like this.

So you have come this far, you have joined a select and elite group of marketers, congratulations, but hey! would you like to increase your income and automate your system, basically let us earn the money for you. Well if you would like to become a top earner then please follow the next instructions and don’t skip any of the steps, this will guarantee your position and your ability to get rich quick.

The next few steps would have totalled another $600 a total of around $750 for this free, no obligation, money making system. Misleading sales pitch is an understatement in this case. I could not believe it, I had to stop where I was and try to understand the system at my paid level. It was a joke that this kind of misleading sale is allowed to continue. I was panicking I quickly signed into the members area and try to absorb what information I could, in a desperate hope that I may be able to use this and make some fast money, this was quickly proving to be impossible. Quitting is not in my nature, however time was an issue I made the decision to leave this here it was just too complex and the fragmented information left me bamboozled. On the upside, I was relieved to have been informed many times that a full 60 day money back guarantee was available. This however became my next challenge, I chased that refund for nearly a year until I quit for the second time in my life.

To conclude

I have decided not to name the system I was using, it is not that important The aim here is to create awareness of the danger signs in searching for ways to make money online. I hope that others will follow the alarm bells in their heads and find the nearest exit.

I wonder how many horror stories are out there?